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~Mellow mood

Sunday Jan 12 07:34pm

new vansss


new vansss

Thursday Jul 4 12:20pm
Tuesday Aug 14 12:42am


urban yoga (performance art ) 

Tuesday Aug 14 12:40am
Thursday Aug 9 12:51am
Thursday Aug 9 12:46am

So to everyone that follows me, Im sorry I have been gone for so long. I have been really busy with work and the touring lifestyle is tough. So as you can imagine I dont always have access to internet or want to even bother with the internet after like 15 hours of work, I tend to sleep as soon as I get on a tour bus or hotel. So im not going to make any promises of this blog getting super active, but ill try to post stuff when i can and when I come across something I think you guys would like, not be stagnant for like 7 months. :P

Thursday Aug 9 12:34am

boatskatewake said: your blogs are fucking awesome. whats ur method of getting fit ? and is there any picks of u on ur blog ?

hey i don’t know how long ago this was posted, i have kinda abandoned this blog for the past few months, been super busy with work, so sorry for such a late reply :/ Anyway, I like running, that’s kinda the one consistent thing I do. Otherwise I strength train a couple days a week and ill pretty much try any class or video at least once. Keeping your mind open to any type of workout and giving it a go is good, because you are constantly challenging your body that way.

Thursday Aug 9 12:28am
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